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That’s what I’m talking about
Thanks for your input, Lawrence!
The more generous people we have out there, the better our sport will benefit from it, and most likely will grow.

I know that there are many of you guys out there, trying to assist people also, and help out in all you can.
And trust me we can all benefit from it, as new karters will remember how they were treated and welcomed to the sport

After all we are a family oriented sport, and should be maintained in such a way, so that our numbers don’t get smaller ( the more, the marrier )
I don’t know about you guys, but with the economy in the last 10 years, we’ve seen less and less participants at our local track.

Thank you all for all that you’re doing to keep our sport alive, not only in the top notch national level, but at the local club level (home track )

Thank you all, and God bless you. Fast Freddy.