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Kelly Read

A BIG THANX to EVERYONE who attended!!!!!!!! I can speak for all the KART/MARRS racers, officials when we say THANK YOU for all the kind comments for such a fine event let alone the Saturday nite festivities. And speaking of Saturday nite, the special award that was presented to myself was a major shock to me if you didn’t notice!!!!! THANK ALL OF YOU from the bottom of my heart who were involved.

Outside of mother nature on Friday morning which gave us a small delay, it was super weather the rest of the weekend. Even with rain Friday morning, we still had plenty of practice time by what racers told me. As for the races, SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL CHAMPIONS!!!! Several had finishes that where the main flagman had to call the finish.  It was a major disappointment that this event was not on Race-monitor.com as Maysha had IT issues and tried several times to get it fixed so we are sorry for that. That’s OK though because you had to be there to see the tight racing!!!!!!!

SUPER NEWS: NO RED FLAGS ALL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL for racing hard and clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the HEGAR family (Chris/Ryan): Next trip back you need to grow some hair and party with the REAL partiers!!!!!!!  LMAO.

B-STOCK group: See how we are, treat us right and we treat you right!!!!!!

Hope to see all who were there this year and more at next years event.