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Rod Hawkins

I have driven Porsches, Ferraris, AMG cars, m3s, rs4, rs5, etc. nothing cones close. Car mags brag when a car can pull 1g, while a minivan can pull .8g. A GTR to a minivan is closer in cornering performance than a GTR and a properly set up kart. That tells you all you need to know.

Today we (F100) had a race at willow springs. Next to us the cars were also on the other track. 458, GTR, tons of built vipers, mclarens, 911s, vettes and even nascar street cars. While the juniors were driving we watched the karters enter the straight, go away from us and then brake and turn. We watched the cars on the other side. I made the comment to one of the racers next to me, “watch the karts and then watch the cars and tell me what looks more impressive”. The difference was obvious. It’s one of the reasons I don’t bother to track my m3 and kind of feels like cars are kind of boring now.