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Bob Wimmer


I have tried both road race and sprint clutches. If I’m running a 16/80+ gear I stick with a sprit clutch. For a 16/79-  gear I’ll run a road race clutch. Both can take about 4 hard starts before the friction material is gone. This is with the daily maintenance routine  Clark mentioned and babying the clutch in practice and on the grid. Also if you go off or spin and floor it to get back up to speed you will distoroy the clutch.

I also found that a worn drum can cause premature clutch failure. If the shoes break on the clutch before the friction material is gone try replacing the drum with the clutch. It will likely solve any problems.

Bottom line, I’ spend as much on the clutch, chain and gears during a season as  the engine.

With the preventative maintenance, you should be fine.

Good luck