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Jon Romenesko

I honestly have nothing bad to say about it.  Our local track just adopted the class this year, so we are all pretty new to the formula, but that’s the general feeling throughout the paddock.  Our (combined) field of LO206 is consistently probably 10 entries higher than the (combined) Rotax class at every race, and the racing is much better!


We run on Duro tires, which are a pretty hard compound (they’re a rental tire, I believe) but have proven to be a pretty good match for the low HP briggs, incredibly durable (6 races on mine, several practices, and probably only hallway down the wear indicators), and very inexpensive (under $150 a set).  That’s the real key to keeping the class affordable, IMO.  The Duro tires will easily last all season, and there’s no advantage to strapping on new tires.  They may not offer the grip and speed of other tires, but that’s not what this class is about!


So far, I’m willing to say its probably the best racing engine i’ve owned.  Rotax and Stock Honda are quite obviously faster, but monumentally more expensive to run, tricky to tune, etc.  With the Briggs, its just oil, gas, and race.  The rest is figuring out the chassis and driving, which is how karting should be at the club level.


My Stock Honda has sat unused all year…and is probably going up for sale soon.

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