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Ted Hamilton

Andy —

Thanks for your input.  I would tend to agree with you if we were talking about racers who had a kart just sitting idle that was out of spec and they didn’t want to be hassled to change it.  However, if each local track (CMP, Barnesvile, etc.) specs a different tire and has different chassis rules, than that makes it impractical for someone to make the trek to do double duty or occasional vacation racing.  I’m not going to invest in a set of tires for a one-off race…but if I know I can use them for practice and racing anywhere in my region I’m more likely to make the jump to purchase.

Personally, I see no benefit to the plastic rear bumper other than enriching the bodywork manufacturers….

And spec tire rules only save money if the track runs a parc ferme and does a group buy — otherwise they’re WORSE as you’re forced to buy fresher ones with less heat cycles to be more competitive.

In general, the easier you make it to race, and cheaper, the more people will do so.  IMO.  That was the basis of my email…  I’m sure promoters are in a situation where they get complaints either way….that being so, pick the cheaper method. :)

Guess not a lot of GoPro drivers feel like answering… I’m legal either way, so no real skin off my nose.  Cheers,



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