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Mike Bray

We started out with clones and soon discovered they are expensive, unreliable, high maintenance, and ultimately just complete crap.  144 times worse than regular crap.  On top of this when you have a read through the AKRA rulebook it takes about 50ms to realize it’s a class completely out of control.

At our track there has been a movement away from clones and to LO206.  A few months ago the numbers were about equal.  And when you walked down the pit runner you could instantly tell who was running each motor just by the activity.  The clone guys were working their tails off between races with all sorts of maintenance duties.  The Briggs guys were usually kicked back in a chair enjoying a cold drink.  There’s an early adopter at our track that’s been running the same motor for almost 5 years.  All he’s ever done to it is change the oil and spark plug.

If you just want to add some cheap gas and go race the 206 is the motor for you.  And it’s a class that is really starting to catch on.  NOLA has added a 206 class and from what I hear it’s getting big.  And DKC recently added a 206 class and they’ve had lots of interest too.