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Bob Wilson

Not only are these GoPro videos very cool, especially for a ‘wall guy’ like me to get a sense of what you all experience first hand, but they are a great teaching tool for those teams like of us who like to travel a little but don’t have a track like this readily available. It was nice to re-aquaint with the racing line before we set sail south. Regrettably, we hadn’t visited Thunderhill since the 2003 Grands, and even then it was in a Rotax, so it is obvious how helpful all of you GoPro pilots in our class structure are to the rest of us technically challenged competitors. Please post your videos of the West layout as I don’t think we are going to make it in the fall to see for ourselves. Yes, I am a little jealous of those of you that will be there to christen the new track! And FWIW, our first RRGN was at Thunderhill and it was awesome! If there was ever a chance to run for a Duffy at that track again, well,  I’m just throwing out hopes and wishes……..