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Glenn Braedon

Good evening Rob,……that’s actually what I did, I found a used package for $800.00 with one race on it and purchased an inferno flame clutch to top it off and have been burning rubber for a week or so now, we are in short supply of motorsports dealers in this area and I was lucky enough to find a lightly used, one race, one practice engine fro a young chap just a few miles from my home funny enough, I am very pleased with the outcome and since I’m on the heavy side of life tye added torque is appreciated coming out of the turns, there still aren’t many clubs with the exception of Goodwood that are embracing the Briggs program in this immediate area but I think it is only a matter of time so my circle of old farts will continue to run our GX200’s until the switch is made and by then I will have all the adjustments worked out on the LO206, I would like to thank everyone for their input just the same.