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Bruce Peck

Martin:  knowing that you’re a Woodbridge guy I assume you will be at Summit Point?  Go talk to the Animal sprint guys there.  There should be plenty.  If you’re just looking for something to get laps in you might want to look at the Briggs LO206 engine and the parts required if you were going to run the 206 class (spec pipe, only drum type clutches, etc.)   They’re just a rope pull start so they are simple, low cost, pump gas, change oil, go have fun.   There should be a couple of 206 sprinters at Summit so go look them up.   I’d also go ask questions in the enduro section of the “other” kart forum.  You know, the one for the type of engine you want to run . . .   You’ll get lots of input there.

There are shops out there with complete LO206 packages with clutch etc like this one: