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Kelly Read


The MAIN reason some of us built rear engine karts is due to upper body size.  On certain karts and drivers, they are not wide enough by the time you put the animal motor on the side and try to keep the seat in the middle or as close to the middle as possible. On side winders we normally have the seat so far over away from the motor for clearance you feel like you are in a awkward driving position so with putting the motor in the rear, it keeps the driver in a normal position.

As for which one is faster, I have driven both styles and I can’t say one is faster then the other. I will say that those who have the CKI karts are hard to beat rather it’s a side winder or rear engine kart especially on tracks where quick corner exit speed is a must.

Reason we have what Linda calls blueprint motors is not necessarily what some of us call blueprinting is due to the Briggs changes they have made over the years. Yes there are things we can do to them but not what could be done!!! Carburetor STOCK including STOCK jets as one thing. Some people have the world formula rod in there’s due to having issues with the stock rod. Running 30 minute races (1 per day, 7-8 times a year) not counting practice, that is asking a lot on that rod.

We do also have bodywork rules. Nose stops at rear edge of front tires, side panels cannot connect to nose and must between the front/rear tires with a maximum 2″ bend on the top. This allows us to use the kids old bodywork!!  Full floor pan is allowed.

Is it fun???  HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People watch us and think we are TURDS!!!  But in the kart racing and several karts battling, speed isn’t everything. I just had a guy drive one of mine at Hallett and he was very impressed. He even said that when in the kart it felt faster then when he would just watched it. Guess what??  He isn’t giving it back until after HPT!!!  I LOVE IT!!

Come on over to HPT in Topeka Kansas October 3-5 and just see for your self.