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Linda Baldus

We run the Animal on gas w/ spec oil (Amsoil) and pipe and 2 disc clutch. Started out w/ a spec clutch but they keep obsoleting them and parts become harder to find. We’re now running Greased Lightning, Bully and Cheetah 2 disc clutches.
Some of our racers have made pusher chassis and swear by them but there’s a difference of opinion on that.
35 chain mandatory.
Some of our guys have spent nothing other than the initial expense of purchasing the engine but to be truly competitive in our class you must blue-print.
One fresh engine will run all year w/ regular valve maintenance.
Top speed on a long track is 85, no matter how hard you push on the throttle, and it’s down from there, but in a pack drafting it’s a blast and fast enough. All of the guys are older and wiser (?). You don’t have to go fast to have fun, but it is more fun to have someone your same speed.
At Hallett, which is pretty short and twisty w/ elevation changes, the 4 hole can Yamaha turned 1:36 and the Animals turned 1:42s and 1:43s and top speed was 77.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO