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Dave Armstrong

Wilshire Walkup and myself built one a couple of years ago.  We put a World Formula on it.  We went with the WF because it’s a TAG and requires little to no maintenance and is pretty bullet proof and we thought it would be good to bring to the SKC races at Roebling and let first time people drive a laydown.  It comes with a clutch and there is a spec pipe.  No parts of the month to buy and just change the oil regularly.   We even have the original spark plug in it.    In the Midwest there is a pretty good following but they use the Animal.  PM Linda Baldus.  She’s very helpful and can fill you in on what they do out there.

That being said, we have a CKI right hand chassis.  We use the clutch the came with the WF but we have a belt drive drum on the clutch.  We use 93 octane pump gas.  We use 6″ rims, 5″ wide.  At Roebling, it was about as fast as a mid pack can (not sportsman, the old can).  I think we turned times of 1:30 maybe a 1:29 at Roebling Road.  Which was fast enough to for first time laydown people in a novice race.

It is fun to drive.  Not overly fast but almost maintenance free compared to other packages and a good set up to get people hooked on laydown road racing.  Unfortunately, with road racing what it is today and SKC having only 2 races a year, it’s hard to find new people to bring into the sport.

Wilshire stores the kart in his place.  It will take a day or two but I would  be glad to get more info.  It also may be for sale if interested.

Dave Armstrong

Jacksonville, FL