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Kyle Riedel

hey guys,much improvement since last update. i got a complete top rebuild after the ring went, had two races on it now and im up to speed with the leaders! i knocked 2 seconds off my problem laps at qual and another 2/10ths in the main, I finally got my tc4 pipe and will get to try it this weekend, but i still have a couple questions.

i run a PWK28@

air screw: 2 turns

slow jet: 38-40

main jet 138-140

now i have 2 DIFFERENT pwk28 and Ive seen a 3rd and/or 4theach one has a variation to it. (i was told when i was putting my setup together that PWK was the best carb, yet everyone else runs the mikuni) can someone explain the pros/cons of the carbs and the different pwk28’s and provide a simpler tuning guide/scan the tuning guide from the cr80 manual as i have lost my mine.


other issue: when i hit high enough RPM on the long straits i get what seems like a ignition “half ground out”, (the ignition quality suffers a little) am i overloading the coil? or could it be one of the pieces at the flywheel? this symptom has not seemed to be consistent. (that ive noticed)

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