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Dan Maloy

Tony –
Ahhh…..torsion bars. I’ve seen them in some kart pix. Don’t know why I didn’t think about actually using them, ha! ha! The Raptor moves up the list even more!

Michael –
Do you mind if I ask, if you race at 360 lbs how much of that is the weight of your kart? Are you and I close to the same weight? Champion Racing: already talked to them. They said they sell a lot more Raptors than Sirius Vs. If it were simply a question of “go as fast as you can” I’d get the Raptor without hesitation. But since my main goal is to instead enjoy karting (which also means to not go $$broke$$ while doing it) I wondered if maybe going a tiny bit slower in a kart that would perhaps last substantially longer (the Sirius V) was the way to go. Stu told me that at my weight of 175-180 the (primarily) 30mm Raptor chassis should last just about as long as the 32mm Sirius V, i.e., maybe not quite as long as the Sirius but not so much as to really matter.

Because of Stu’s years of experience and his unbiased opinion recommending the Raptor, unless someone can convince me otherwise, I think that’s what I’ll go with.

(Comments, positive or not, from current / past Intrepid drivers are still welcome.)