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Robert Lawson

Hard to understand the lack of “buzz” around this here on EKN.

This is a 2 mile oval, a Superspeedway!

Were fortunate to get this opportunity, anyone in the tri-state area (MI, OH, IN) should be making plans to attend. The rooftop view from the pit lane terrace is fantastic for spectating.

Were local, kinda, so its a bit different in our case but I’m trying to get as many friends and co workers to come out and just take it all in. Even told them I’d provide lunch if they buy a pass and spend an afternoon looking around. Got to get new folks involved people, it really is up to us to invest a few bucks for the future of our hobby. Hot dogs, chips & sodas are cheap and easy enough for anyone to spread out for some friends. Get um out there, show some hospitality, beat up their senses with speed and fumes, and they will talk about it all week. You may get lucky and find a new racin buddy and we all get the benefit of having more people involved!

In it’s 3rd year I hope we get a good size turnout, not just for the sake of the MKC but for all of us in this region that love to RR.