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Dale Daugherty

9/10 times it is the cable. Pull the cable out of the housing, clean, lube with motor oil and re install. if that doesnt do it, replace the assembly (excessive wear and/or corrosion in the housing)

Thank you, Jordon.

I got pretty busy this last weekend, but I did cut the zip ties and “relax” the cable a little bit, which made a difference for sure. I am going to take it apart and clean it up this weekend as you suggest; I think it would be a good idea just to do it regardless. I’ll also take the clutch cover off and have a look at the guts, just to be sure there’s nothing amiss in there. I don’t think there is really anything wrong with the clutch though. I used screwdriver to lift up on the clutch actuator lever (basically taking the cable out of play), and it felt pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll update if I have an “a-ha! moment”, and find anything unexpected. I think the cable is the issue though.

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