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patrick j slattery

I can verify what Tom said about the Cadet kart.  How is the Cadet class going in WKA now.  :)

Tom, it is my understanding that WKA is going to require Jr classes to run 7:10 rears next year also,  which will put another nice bill to the karters, not to mention what are you going to do with your wheels for the 6:00 tires.


The problem I see with EDM is some engine builders try to play by the rules and are very protective about there reputation as to building illegal engines and only want to build motors that are 100 percent legal.  When you build an engine and if they are using EDM to enhance the performance, regardless that it can’t be seen it is still illegal, but the honest engine builder and his customers are the one’s who pay the price.

We saw this a few years ago when some were cutting the pistons, it was illegal but it hurt the honest engine builders.  I hope we don’t go down that road again