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tony zambos

A little more research on your part may have a great benefit. Visit the track you plan to regularly plan to race at. If you have other tracks available to you, visit them also. Figure out which classes you’re interested in. While at the tracks, find out what vendors the racers are using and if there is a shop that supports the track. So you’re not surprised, you’ll probably have to purchase a pit pass to get into the track. The shifter karts will look interesting, but stay away from them to start with. After you’ve learned chassis setups and how to race, if shifters still look interesting, go for it.

I’d say most kart shops are very small businesses and the people in them work long hours. Emails probably are not high on their list of priorities. Visit the shop in person, that way you can size up the shop and the owner can size you up. And you should call first as the shop maybe on the way to a race or coming back from one.

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