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Stu Hayner


I believe I stopped at that shop a few months ago. Your are right – a bit disappointing.

I love to see what the other shops are doing to help me get better. I visit 2-3 shops a month, and to be honest, most are pretty close to what you describe.

I’ve been karting for over 30 years, and recently opened our own shop in Orange Ca. There’s a few that are nicer, but we are working to fix that. To be perfectly clean and organized is quite difficult, but we are trying.

I specialize in helping brand new to karting guys, and I have to admit, I do my best to get them to come down and sit in a few karts. It is so much easier when they can touch and feel.

We have brand new Birel and the all new American built iKarts assembled and on display, but also have over 60 used karts to pick from.

I spend over 6 hours a day on the phone – trying to explain this that / differences in karts – flex / engines etc. I’m sorry to say that many of those calls fall on deaf ears.

In most cases, you ARE better off traveling to the shop in person. Once you establish a good relationship, the calls get shorter and the guy on the other end knows he’s not just wasting hours on a guy who’s dead set on only spending $400 on Craig’s List junk.

If ever in SoCal, drop by. I’ll spend any amount of time you need – promise!! I hope you find some beautiful karts and very clean kart shop. If you’d like to see pictures, text me or email me.

714 305-612three


Good luck finding your kart.