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Mid eighties to late 90s there were 25 twins in the North West i can name them all and DRVS
3 -Idaho
6- Vancouver
Club race average 12-18 twins 45 mins race, GNTs 1hr
250S ran there own class called 250 gearbox
We ran at Westwood,Oregon,Spokane,Bremerton,Seattle,
Indycar weekend Portland with Nck & Sck twins
Very much doubt that you will see that kind of participation again, must remember those days Rotax 256 was king everyone was pretty much on par pwr wise & a new motor could be brought for about 2,500 pnds from Cdpt UK tuned & Andover Norton Uk.
US 3,000 from Murphy
Racers today buy & tune singles for more money & go slower
and i’m one of them it seems to me that running a single has cost me more money then all those years of running twins
the thrill of driving a twin is something to never forget