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Rob Howden


I am quite certain that if Briggs Racing found out that a dealer was trying to sell you a $2700 ‘National-level’ LO206, they’d lose their dealership. We’re talking about an engine that is ridiculously well-built and dyno’d to be within the strictest of HP tolerances. That said, in this category, the motor plays almost NO role in performance. It’s all about the driver and the chassis set-up. The guys who run upfront and there because they’re the best drivers with the best set-up…plain and simple.

Last year, I pulled two engines out of their boxes and bolted them on. I finished fifth in Masters at the Canadian Nationals at Goodwood and I finished eighth at the Rock Island Grand Prix in LO206 Senior. And I’m an out-of-shape 45-year-old who races 4-6 times a year. No special engines, no hand-picked parts. I was pleased with my performances and I only failed to perform better because of my driving and my chassis set-up. That is the bottom line.

I also race a Honda at the WRKC and I think I’ve got good engines. But I also think that the Briggs LO206 is a better program.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘national level’ engine scam. Buy an LO206, bolt it on, and focus on driver development and chassis set-up.

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