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Kelly Read


1) We have added a SPRINT BRIGGS LO206 class. 16+, 375#, sprint chassis/CIK bodywork (14″ max nassau panel), gas (NO ETHANOL), engine rules per 2013 B & S LO206 rules. RLV 5506 or 5507 pipes with RLV 4104 (B91XL) silencer only.  This class will run in the same races with the B & S Animal Sporstman and jr classes. Runs for it’s own awards including the famous TRIAD like all the classes will be running for.

(Maysha will get the event schedule located on the KART web revised and re-posted soon). She will also have the classes sponsors with each class. Keep these people in mind and be sure to thank them at the least.

2) ALL classes including the above now have class sponsors!!!  THANK YOU ALL who sponsored a class. 37 classes total and all having a sponsor is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No reason anyone can not make this event now!!!  Only thing left would be a weed eater class NOT!! LOL

3) All LOWER parking is full.  Plenty of parking up on the UPPER level but no electrical.