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Glenn Braedon

Thanks to both Timothy and Evan you both have valid points, i suppose my complaint is that with such a limited source locally you would hope to have access to a fresh motor out of the box but when two of the three suppliers basically made the same offer with similar pricing you lose faith in the system and wonder how this was any help whatsoever in replacing a series that was deemed too expensive to sustain for the average competitor, Evan i know you folks out west have had a long standing relationship with Briggs and never really embraced the Honda GX series in the fist place but out east everyone was quite content with the program and would still be if the ASN hadn’t interfered by scrapping the Honda rule set, their reason was to bring some equality to the playing field while introducing an entirely new platform in an attempt to prevent a relatively small group of individuals from having a stranglehold on the engine building business and after this past weekend iv discovered that the game has remained the same but with a different name much to my deep disappointment , during my research i happened upon a forum in the now defunct ekartingnews.ca that had more than a few contributors that said this is exactly what would happen and that the engine builders would find a way around the new limitations within the Briggs rule set and within the first season it would be business as usual ,i guess i was naive enough to by into Paul Cookes reasoning behind the change to Briggs, i wouldn’t be so perturbed if i hadn’t been asked the same question by all three suppliers which was “how much do you want to win” so all that has been accomplished is the money is now going into a different persons pocket , and Evan you are correct we just have to buy the Briggs and hope for the best i’m just going to have to buy out of province to find an honest dealer.