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Evan Fraser

This is good food-for-thought Glenn.  I’m thinking of going LO206 for a year to relax a bit.

I agree with Timothy but I also agree with the old saying, speed is money.  The practice of buying a pile of engines and cherry-picking the cream of the crop isn’t new, and when an entry-level class like LO206 is being run at the National level where the money is then this is going to happen to the class.  Even if it weren’t running Nationals someone’s always going to try to find a way within the rules to make their motor faster.  That being said if you’re just going to race club then who cares what the rich guys do?  Buy a “club-level” motor, some oil and a couple sets of tires and go race affordably.

Locally in Vancouver since the demise of the World Formula LO206 and TKM are our only 4-cycle options and most of the guys that race them can’t afford to buy 25 motors, so how good or bad your motor is is just a lottery and the playing field is level.

That dealer of yours sounds a little shady though.  I’d want a race package in the box that hasn’t been tinkered with.  I don’t want all the “bad” parts that he pulled from the “good” motors and used to make a Frankenstein’s Motor.

Evan Fraser

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