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Kelly Read

I SECOND what Linda has stated!!!!!!!!!!!!  FREAKN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not 1 red flag!!! (knock on wood). If anyone seen any class that didn’t have great close racing, let me know as I didn’t see any!!!!

I may have had a big part in giving everyone a place to run but if they don’t show, a lot of work (calls, e-mails, texts, etc) just goes out the window. THANK you all from my heart for supporting this event. These types of events make those who work so hard feel so good!!!!

I’ve already had 3 calls today thanking KART/MARRS for a great time. THANK EVERYONE  both MARRS & those who haven’t ran with us, you all did excellent!!!!!

Now it’s bragging time!!  MT POCKETS had a great weekend. Lindsay figured out the trigger on the k71 and was fast, Brad was a rocket in his controlled and was quick in his Piston Port but has some things to change in the driver’s department on that kart, Jim was quick in the Animal and won on Sunday and most of all, both guys who STOLE both of my Animal rides had a blast and even ran in the top 2 and one of them actually won on Saturday. Dam I’m a hell of a mechanic!!!  LOL

Here is better news:

Even though the track surface was much better then in previous years, come October, the company who did the repaving is coming back to see what needs to be patched after a full racing season has been done on the surface and take care of them. I had conversations with the track management and they asked me on Friday to tell them during the weekend if there were areas that we felt needed attention. I did tell them that there were 4 main areas (not terrible) that the karters felt could use some attention. Luckily these are the same areas the rest of the clubs (cars, cycles, etc) said also. So look out 2015!!!

Speaking of 2015. June 6/7 & August 1/2 are dates we will be back at Hallett in 2015. Put em on your calendar.

Again, THANKS to EVERYONE who attended.