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Glenn Braedon

good morning Clark,……i have checked with several sources however in this part of Ontario we are limited to just a few since the decision to allow only Briggs motorsport franchises access to the LO206 program resulted in somewhat of a monopoly , if you check the results of the ECKC championship series certain names come in first place consistently and those names are in one form or another either directly sponsored by or are owners of a Briggs motorsports franchise, i am reluctant to name names directly because we are a close knit community up here and have limited choices when it comes to purchasing equipment as i kind of pointed out by mentioning the Briggs monopoly.
My point is this, we were all quite content racing with our Honda GX classes until the rug was pulled out from under us, the LO206 concept was good in principle but the idea that it would make karting more appealing to the newcomers and at the same time more affordable for the seasoned competitor is false, i have researched the Briggs class with all levels of competitors from club level to national level and arrived at the conclusion that its no less expensive than the Honda classes it was designed to replace with the one exception that the crank case is sealed other than that the front runners are all purchasing or having supplied to them large quantities of Briggs LO206’s with which to experiment and hand pick ideal components into one of the three categories i mentioned previously, although the intent of the series creators was sincere it is evident that in order to be competitive one must acquire several engine packages , most i’ve talked to bought five but the contenders received 25 , from which to assemble a seasons worth of engines capable of running at the front, i suppose my argument is this , as a grandfather i was looking for an engine that could serve as the entire family from myself down through my son, daughter and finally their children which the LO206 can do however the Briggs & Stratton advertising boast that this package created a level playing field at a reduced cost couldn’t be farther from the truth, certainly they would argue that they can’t control what the big teams will do but in their advertising they also mentioned that the program was greeted with great success in the Canadian marketplace to which i say do your research before you make the leap because the Briggs is no cheaper that the Honda GX series and those that have an investment in that program will be far better served by staying there because its not sealed and you can recycle parts indefinitely and regrettably the same can not be said about the LO206, i’m just glad i did my homework beforehand and i would suggest others do the same, i have nothing against Briggs however its not the be all to end all that they claim.