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Troy Berry

I was not trying to beat up on Skusa for their ambition. I think most of my observations have been backed up with the other comments. I give Tom  and his team full credit for making the effort and doing what they do for us in Karting. As far as my hale bales comment and plastic karting barriers and RIPG,  I was being a little biased by my limited knowledge on the subject. Upon review I see they are no longer using hay bales  at RIGP.  We use the Scribner style barriers at our track in Reno in conjunction with hay bales. I thought this was how most outdoor tracks used them.  The plastic takes the 1st hit and then the bales absorb and disperse  the energy as the plastic collapses into them.   More give to the whole system. But at out track if your into the barriers, you are likely way off  line and off the pavement, so karts grazing or bouncing off them and back on line isn’t necessarily  the objective. I too would not want karts plowing directly into hay bales if it can be avoided.

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