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Dan Davis

I use PowerPad blue pads all the way around on my Anderson Maverick CR250 w/dual rear disk and depending on the track they last for a few race weekends at least.

On my TZ250 powered P1 equipped with VDot brakes (single disk 6 piston rear caliper) which are similar to Kelgate brakes, I use blue pads in the front and gold in the rear.  The P1 always had too much rear bias for me with whatever pads came with the kart in the rear and the gold improved that issue.  The pads on it wear similarly to the Anderson.

One track I typically run on, Lake Afton,  has very long strait (.8 mi. or so) with a 45 mph 90 deg. + turn at the end that really pushes the brakes…..the P1 with me in it weighs approx 500 lbs……I’ve gained a few pounds over the last few years.  ;-)

Pierre has a few compounds, give him a call to see what he has to offer.  The work very well for me.