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Bob Vehring

Some of you know me, some don’t. Those that do know my point is not so a ” lynching of SKUSA here will insure that no other promoter thinks outside of the box and tries to blaze new trails.” in fact, its the opposite, To hope that future events come off better then then this one.

I have some things I really don’t like to bring up, but maybe it will help the real ” Monday  morning quarterbacks” understand what were really dealing with. One of the jobs I’ve had in this sport is being one of the handful of people that put on the Road America Supernationals. I did it for 20 years, but the race was around for 35. Often we were over the 1000 entry mark. Twice in 3 years I had to deal with the situation on track for two of our racers that did not make it home. One was an incident between two TaG racers, both had at least a decade of racing, both also did shifters, the kid that died was a close friend and had grown up with my kids. The other incident points to Jimmys comment on the hub. In this case a 2 dollar clevis pin failed. Even with a  wide track and good sized sand trap, the man did not make it.

We as racers understand their are risks involved in what we do. We also depend on the various Series, groups, Promoters, whoever, to give us the safest track possible.

You are correct that I was not at this track, but I’ve been around long enough to know when I see the number of comments made, and who some of the people making them are regarding the safety of this track,  there must be something to it. Never did I slam SKUSA or suggest they give this up, I do hope they learn from it.

If I’m the Quarterback someone referred to, I can only hope you don’t have to take the ride home from some of the races I did, besides the two mentioned above there has been many more incidents, injuries to kids, carnage to clean up, parents and family to talk to, investigations you become part of, and of course the media which always show up when something bad happens. Those things give you a perspective I certainly hope most people don’t ever get