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Stewart Willis

The hilarity of some of the posts by these Monday  morning quarterbacks is insane.   For those of you that did not attend Modesto, you could have no idea of the enormity of this event and the infrastructural planning that went into this event.   And with all due respect, to compare the track to RIGP is a joke.    If Tom used hay bails every 10-15 feet like RIGP, there would be people asking for his head on a platter because of the injuries that WOULD have happened.  I dare someone to find a single fence that is exposed to the drivers on the Modesto course.   Compare this video of RIGP to one of Modesto’s track:   http://www.rockislandgrandprix.com/video_helmet.html ..  It would be like comparing a club race to the Supernats.  So, asking Tom to take advice from that track design is a F@#$%  joke.  With those haybales in Modesto, there would have been way more injuries.

Did Tom bite off more than he could chew by making the first race at Modesto a Pro Tour event?  Maybe.   Was the track too fast?  Yes.  But, everyone who comes on these forums and suggests how we can make karting mainstream and get more public involvement should try to grasp what was attempted.

Dont get me wrong, I am not pleased with the damage done to my karts or the dive bombing kids that knocked us out of Sunday’s main in turn one after qualifying 6th.  But, the public lynching of SKUSA here will insure that no other promoter thinks outside of the box and tries to blaze new trails.