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Bob Vehring

Guys, I’m not looking to fight, but I don’t think that some of you are looking for answers either. I also don’t think you understand that the bad press you guys gets effects everyone in the sport

The comparison with Blackhawk has nothing to do with comparing the tracks simply put, we have the same classes, some like the 250 twins, and superkarts, much faster, are our tracks wider, yes but many not by as much as you think. Are you limited to the layout of existing road, certainly, that’s why streets are not race tracks. Think we don’t have different things to deal with? Try Grattan sometime

None of that had to do with my point which simply is, with maybe 7 or 8 Road Race series working around the country all season, entries from several hundred to a thousand. The point simply is, in any race, the drivers simply must be able to handle the track safely, you can’t blame the track, you chose the track. I hope you don’t shoot paintball with real bullets then complain you got hurt.


Jimmy, I see you have adopted the ” Best drivers in the World” title, boy thats been around before. Ever tried a 1/8 mile dirt track? Think 125’s are fast, come see the 250’s with GP bike engines or the twin engine laydowns. Hardest races we have been in were WKA Dirt back in the 2000’s. 2300 entries at Daytona, 240 shooting for St. medium 30 kart field alone with only 2 qualifying sessions . You might enjoy going into a corner at 70, with 30 others, on dirt. Don’t take yourself so seriously, remember lawn mower racing gets more spectators, sponsors and TV coverage then we do

Theres only one reason I’m even in this conversation, my job is to promote karting. Sorry but out here, never heard a word about this race before it happened. Shifters aren’t around much anywhere east of the river. They had their day, but it seems to be long gone. I think thats too bad, I still have one in the basement, but it hasn’t been out in 10 years. The problem here is when something goes bad, now it is everywhere thanks to public media. The first I knew of that race was all the crash vids that showed up. For the last 2 decades, my wife and I average about 35 days a year doing shows to get people into karting, unless you also talk to thousands of potential new people, trying to get them involved, I don’t think you have any idea how much of an impact those videos have, they scare new people off. 70% or more of our new people are Kid Karts of Jr Sportsman. Parents see that and their done, it effects every track in the country, its not just about California shifter and Tag’s