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John Kuntze

The IKF board for the most part has been a bunch of old dinosaurs that believed clubs should promote IKF racing and it was the boards job was only to write rules and sell insurance.

They had the backward thinking that a small nationals was better as long as the regional program was strong. If you were buddies with the president you could have rules changed for your race it was no secret that it happened. I called out the president one time for allowing a rule change a month before the nationals so the club president would get a kickback from a tire company I still have the e-mail from the clown.

Worse was if you did something the board didn’t like they would have the tech director DQ some drivers they felt were part of running of the event I witnessed it. When you ask to prove it you were told it didn’t pass in the garage even though it would pass when it was showed to you. I saw a tech director refuse to DQ one race even though he said the kart was illegal and told the competitors to write a protest when that happened he asked the drivers not to turn it in.

Bury IKF for good there is no point for them to exist.