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Bob Vehring

No Flames at all Tim, a couple questions or comments

1 At one time, at least out here, there were requirements that you needed to met for certian class’s. Shifter being one, TaG another A required amount of time in a lower HP class being one of them. Same deal for Road Racing. Is that required?

I understand Shops and sales men hate this, I also know first hand its a problem for special or “one of” races to get proper varifacation, but clearly, clearly some of these people are far over their heads.


That brings us to Number 2 question which I really don’t get at all. 2 cy sprint seems obsessed with this concept that you need to hire, tuners, chassis guys, driving coaches and be “under someones tent” to be competitive. My kids have raced every form of karting, and really I just don’t see much of that anywhere else. To be honest, some places you’d be laughed off the track.

We always have asked others for advice, and given it ourselves to anyone that asks us, but there’s no question in my mind, that a increasing number of driver are being pushed beyond their personal experience level either by their parents or personal ego or shops looking for their next disposable hero with a wallet. Any driver has to have the knowledge and experience to move up to faster forms of racing. There’s a difference between someone thinking their ready, and really having it behind them

Sorry that sound so harsh, it certainly doesn’t mean all people or shops by any means, but if you have been around, and grown up through kart racing, look at what you see today, you get the point

We just got back from the Road Race at Blackhawk Farms. 2 mile track 100+ mph for many classes, no shortage of shifters, TaG’s and Sprint opens. Really don’t know official entries numbers but would guess the normal 200-300 entries. Total number of Red Flags, 1, to chase the snapping turtle off the side of the track, I think he was trying to grid for LO 206


Serious point here, far to many people trying to jump into something their not ready for