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Tim Pappas

I hope that the great people at SKUSA take Roger up on his offer of advice for a street race.  The RIGP is done right when it comes to schedule and safety.

The Modesto race was cool, but was definitely lacking in those areas.  The schedule problem was obvious by Friday night. I’m not sure why Sundays schedule wasn’t adopted for Saturday also.  It may just be my opinion, but I don’t think racers or spectators are all that thrilled about racing until 9pm on Sunday night. Saturday night is cool. Sunday, not so much.  As for safety, just two words, Tech Pro.

At the end of the day though, there was way too much jackassery on the part of the drivers which is not limited to this event. Reference the Dallas race, any TAG senior race, or the Supernats.  I am one that loves a good slide job, rubbing pods mid corner, or even a slick bump and run from a faster driver coming through the field.  However, none of those include knocking people off the track.  There is no attempt at passing anymore.  Run into or over the guy and proceed.  And of course you must hit them hard.  It’s okay. They probably have a rich Dad who can pay to fix the kart and at worst pay the ER bills.  The driving these days is atrocious.  I’m not sure if it is the safety of the current bodywork or lack of talent or just general disrespect for anything that isn’t “you”.

Just my opinion. Flame away.