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bob prinzo

ok,heres more:

we compete in tag jr, besides the sonoma challenge race,this was our first national race. i will say this first before i go on, my driver and i both agree we would definatly do it again.

this track was difficult for the top drivers out there,as most told my sons mechanic/coach,as he knew most of them. its called PRO TOUR for a reason,its not for everyone.and we definatly had some issues,biggest being the off camber exits. put a wheel off the grip and good luck. we rebuilt the front left 3 times and replaced 2 axels.BUT,by heat 1 on sunday he had it figured out and we finished 16th of 31 in the main.wasnt easy,we busted our asses to get there.

problem no.1- 108 on fri,106 on sat, tolerable on sun.

problem no. 2- 5hrs sleep on fri,4 hrs sleep on sat after an 18 hr day in the oven like ht. 9 total hrs of sleep for 3 loooong days of racing.i would think this could alter thought processes and reaction times somewhat.

#3- we ran behind tag cadet, i can tell you that at least 3 hrs of delays on sat were a result of the cadets. and with only 2 pickup vehicals with a single kart capacity each,and 42 cadets go out and 18 finish,THATS a problem. and you could count on that every time they went out. personally.i dont think theres the maturity required to run street races,at least this one.

one more day of practice would have worked wonders for everybody, the track was plenty wide enough,there just was zero runoff for mistakes.take all the karts that run into the dirt at any other track,and you pretty much have what crashed into the barriers.other wrecks,like the vid of the tag sr race where the two drivers in front of him split and there was a kart in the middle of the track and he t boned that kart, that actually happens quite often on other “safer” tracks.

the racing on sun improved dramatically,why? i believe drivers started thinking more.(except cadets)and another day of track time behind them.

as for modesto:

problem no.1- see no. 1 above- when the sun went down the place filled up,we walked thru there before our main on sat night and it was packed, to expcct anyone but us to be out in that heat is just plain stupid. the bars were slammed.there was really only one resturant that publicly complained and he was anti race from day one,so no matter what,he was gonna bitch.

from what i heard,you prolly wont see the bridges again,they supposedly were too narrow and too many steps for joe public.what theyre talkin about is opening certain fences between races to let poeple thru.access did kinda suck,you had to go all the way around the track to get to the other side. as for the berriers, im sure theres 15 million different opinions on them, i thought they did what they were supposed to do.

and YES, straight out of toms mouth sun morn at each individual drivers meeting,he stated that this was to bring more people into karting. and i guarantee every pre teen and teen in attendance thinks they can do this.lol