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Greg Lindahl

Hi Blair.

Stop the rain up there!

You coming down?  If so, I’ll bring the LD.  It has life!

Raced it at Sonoma last Turkey Day weekend.  Heavy crash with an errant superkart kept testing to ~30 minutes.

I took it to Willow Springs earlier this year and worked out some development issues.  Cooling wasn’t large enough.  Cockpit not comfortable.  Stuff…  Total time was ~35 minutes.

Will be taking it again to Willow Springs next month, on the 20th.  The track is really rough at one end, but the rest is pretty smooth and very fast.  A good spot to test.

Raced the modified CR80 sprint shifter at Laguna last month.  Ran out of talent and speed after ~20 minutes of total time.

Our races are dry and warm.