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Brad Nyman

An older kart can be just as good as a newer one if you can get it set up properly. Its just a case of is the older kart bent or cracked because if it is, then it will handle awkwardly and never feel quite right.

I would pay $4000 max with all the tools and extra motor. And thats assuming the chassis is straight and the rails aren’t worn down on bottom. If buying sight unseen (which i would never do) then max is around $3500. The one thing that worries me is that they don’t list the hours of the motors. Sure there may be a spare, but if both have over 20 hrs than that does you no good.

Heres also some questions for you…

have you driven a proper kart before?

What will be your home track?

do you plan on traveling and racing regionally?

what is your goal in karting (hobby racer, play karter, or serious racer)?

all of these things mayor may not influence if that kart is even right for you.

If you have any questions, just ask. EKN is full of knowledge and people willing to help. i’m also in NJ so if you have any NJ specific questions feel free to pm me when ever.


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