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Tyson Henry

This is just my opinion, and maybe I got it all wrong…….

The number of karts totaled at Modesto is a direct correlation to the level of aggression displayed. It seems at all SKUSA events the aggression level is, in general, much higher than at a club level race, and not  in a good way. On a street course there is inherently more danger, no matter WHAT is done. Seems like a lot of drivers thought they were going to be able to set a wheel off in the grass…

For direct comparison, look at the LSGP in Lockhart. Were karts crashed? Sure, plenty (I did it). But I would say the level of carnage, judging by pictures and social media posts, was on a whole other level at Modesto. Why is that? It’s not like the LSGP track was slow (not sure what speeds were being hit at Modesto but at Lockhart it was about 90) and less dangerous per say. The overall surface and track seemed pretty good at Modesto, save the chicane and maybe a few other parts. Once again, direct comparison, Lockhart suffered from issues as well. There were plenty of sketchy zones and not every possible danger can be covered. People weren’t out in force complaining about that event.

So tell me, whats the difference?