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Vernon Head

I see once again, not many answers to the original question, just a lot of “learn to drive better” comments.

I’ve never seen any of these “Top 10 SKUSA drivers” win a national level autocross event, and if they did I doubt they would smoke the rest of the field. It’s much harder than it looks. Much different than showing up at a nice, smooth, tidy track and getting hundreds of practice laps before competing. First, it’s done on some pretty rough surfaces, not smooth tracks. You walk the course, get no practice laps, and usually 3 to 4 runs and they aren’t back-to-back. The courses have a much different look, being laid out with cones. It’s hard to memorize a course after only walking it a couple of times. The line is not easy to understand since there is no road to follow.  You can’t look ahead very well because all you see is a sea of cones. Everyone is making mistakes out there.

I have a lot of respect for WTW racing. I’ve done it, and it’s a very tough sport but for different reasons. I like to practice at kart tracks to get seat time, but I also have to work on skills specific to autox.

Even if I need to drive better, hp will still make ME faster. I think it’s true for everyone. Otherwise, why do we have all these engine builders?