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Chris Hegar


Mr Ray rarely posts on here so I thought I’d let you know what actually happened to him. Race #1 he he got hit by a spinning kart which sent him off track. In race #2 he had an MG tire failure which has been common with the yellows in road race cik 125. In the NW even with cool weather I have seen many tires come apart, it’s a factory defect originally ¬†thought to be a bad batch now known to be a continuous unspoken problem. In our personal group of 5 karts (3 srock moto and 2 ICC) we have seen a loss of 7 tires front and rears alike at Portland, Laguna, The Ridge and Oregon Raceway Park, all tracks high load high speed. Mr Ray did have a motor issue in the Thunderhill final which was solved by Sunday when he ran for the top spot all day in 2 different classes at ORP. Glad to see you guys had fun, hope we can make it down some time.

Greg, Dad’s working on an 80cc laydown as well. Rain… we don’t got no rain around here, it’s been 90 for 2 weeks! Come up next season if you can.