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Chris Hegar

I’ve seen a good spec Honda blow away some very good open moto with the works in upgrades, depends on the track, driver, ect. Myself I’ve been at it for 25 years running everything from 4 stroke low HP to 250cc twin 100 hp motors. We currently have 3 stock moto packages and 2 ICC in house all running long track and some sprint. Even on a full 2 mile course your only going to see about a 1-1.5 second difference in lap times ICC to Stock moto, I have all the data to support that. If the numbers you have given were correct that would put a 14 HP difference between stock moto and ICC. That type of difference would mean the ICC would lap a stocker on a 2 mile track in no time at all and the overall lap time difference would be massive. Not trying to be mean or condescending but your rough numbers have way to much spread. 125 hp variables are not that great from one to the other it’s all 125cc displacement, there is no magic. Drive ability on the other hand can give a false since of additional HP. An ICC has better power application that even stock moto, the stocker is harder to drive based on big bottom torque when you hit the throttle. An ICC does have more peak power based on RPM but often the bottom is easier on the pilot because it’s a soft hit.

Just my opinion.