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Alan Sheidler

FROM: SCCA National Office

TO: All Solo Participants

SUBJECT: Kart Safety

SCCA wishes to remind all kart owners and drivers to ensure that their vehicle’s control parts, including, but not limited to, those relating to throttle and brake pedal assembly function (including extensions) and safeguards such as throttle return springs, etc., are in good working order without the potential to perform unintended functions.


So, that was meant for ALL karts, not just the FJ’s.


Years without (avoidable) mechanical failures leading to a problem at an event means that complacency sets in.  And tech inspection becomes less complete, and less effective overall.

When I was a regular tech guy at regional events, one of the things I did was a “stomp test” on the brake pedal.    I never burst a line, but a guy who I had trained did…  Better in tech than on course, or  on the street somewhere!