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Austin Garrett


I’m in the central texas area. New Braunfels to be exact and will be racing at HCKC primarily.

The gearing is 10 tooth with a 93 on the rear. I believe i need to be running closer to a 87 from seat of the pants feel. I have just bought a EVO 3 mychron from a fellow Ekarter at a very reasonable price and will hopefully have that by next weekend (aug 9th).

I’m a budget racer and like to try to do more with less when i can. I take some enjoyment out of beating higher budget karts with dinosaur equipment.

I just purchased my trailer today and almost have it built, a harbor freight special..It came out pretty decent and i think it will do a fine job for its purpose. I will be hauling it with my auto x car…a miata :) so no problem finding me at the track.

This week i have been doing final prep to get it ready to race.

I have replaced throttle return spring, cleaned carb, put on fresh set of wheels and tires. The wheels and tires are brand new from the previous owner. He bought spoked wheels but the spokes didn’t allow me to put a wrench on the nut to tighten the wheel to the hub. I ended up taking a dremel tool and the sandpaper attachment and routing the holes a bit more so i plan on getting everything balanced soon.

I have been doing a lot of road racing on the Iracing.com simulator..Although Iracing will never give you the seat of the pants feel, i think it does a decent job of staying sharp mentally and will hopefully speed the process up on the track in real life of becoming quick.

Nothing too major to report back this week as im waiting for a proper data logger before i take it back out and do anymore testing. I will have a proper write up next week and ill get around to adding some pictures shortly of my process of getting back on track.