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Alan Sheidler

Robbie asks:

– Can the brakes on a JA kart overpower the engine? I plan to test this on our JB World Formula kart, but I haven’t had the chance yet.
– Is this the beginning of the end of the junior program?


They certainly should be able to.  My first year in a shifter, the throttle stuck wide open in 3rd gear, and I went off of a track (not at an AX) into the grass.  The front brakes would then have a negligible effect on slowing the rotation of the rear axle.  The rear brake was enough to stop the engine.

I hope not.  This is not a small part of the SCCA anymore.  Taking it away would be in all likelihood a second and unnecessary blow to the Eaddy family.

That is not to say that like all misfortunes, there is not something to be learned.   I’d expect some new and specific requirements will likely for J drivers, their parents, and for Youth Stewards.

Edit: As of yet I have not gotten any indication regarding the investigation of the cause of this tragedy.  From what I have been led to understand, there will likely be both primary and contributing causes.  It is fairly certain that a stuck throttle was not an issue in this circumstance.  I for one hope that someone who knows karts and has a keen eye for problems had a chance to look at it, before anyone altered it in any way.

In any case, don’t believe what scuttlebutt may indicate.  We should all wait for official answers to all of the questions.