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Chris Hegar

In the end it’s about keeping a class structure alive not about what would happen to one particular motor package especially in a case like this where it’s pretty much the same motor. Affordable racing motors for all vs burn it down to be competitive with the top 5% combinations (exaggerated some but close to true). Open moto was the class for do what you want, pay what you want, buy power if you feel you need it… that class is gone because of no limitations. From the outside looking in 01 stock is starting to look like that class again. It’s normal for karting to do this though and history will repeat itself again as it always does with this or another class.

In the case of the 01 becoming a more stable motor with whatever adjustments I’d imagine the cost to build would go down some or stay stable in order to keep the market interested in having both options but that’s up to the builder. If it doesn’t blow up easy it’s better for the class and the sport meaning the average runners wallet. Remember it’s not the top 10 guys that we need to satisfy it’s the great big group of mid pack and back marker weekend warriors that keep this class looking big and strong to the world, these numbers attract the people, it’s all about numbers.

Keep in mind my opinion is based around the whole sport not just SKUSA sprint. I’m a road race guy when I have time which means SKUSA really doesn’t effect what my classes do.. or does it? In road we only allow the 99, with this 01 issue we have seen numbers in rr grow based on the fact that SKUSA runners are letting good 99 models go very cheap because they no longer need them for SKUSA if the want to feel like they have a shot at winning. Is this good for road race? Yes it is for now but down the road if SKUSA runners fade away from 125 stock because of high costs to operate the 01 it will damage the whole sport. A happy market needs an affordable motor package, without that were doomed to lose people which will raise costs for all. By the way did I mention road race runners have the biggest balls in the land? 100+ mph.. bring it on yo!  ;-)