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Austin Garrett

Thanks for the replies and tips.


Walt, I believe the brake issue was a fault on my behalf. I had rebuilt the calipers earlier that day with new seals on the pitons and some fresh dot 4 fluid. I don’t think i got all the air out and the pedal was just soft.

I brought the kart in immediately and re-bled the brakes and had a pedal again, although it was a long pedal. My next step is to adjust where the brake lever connects to the master cylinder to alleviate that issue and hopefully have a stiffer feeling pedal.

The kart does corner quick but i had some very used tires for this basic shake down test session. My goal was to sort out any obvious issues before my first race (Aug. 9th)

As far as the soreness goes, i do have a rib protector i was just being stubborn and not using it. I was also a little more tense than i should have been just for the simple adrenaline rush of being on a track again for the first time in a few years.


I wasn’t expecting the acceleration the 125cc two stroke provided and was immediately grinning from ear to ear while gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.

Seat time is a definite must before im remotely competitive but getting on the track was the first step to my long endeavor. I hope to run another test session before the race to work the final issues out and will hopefully be back to report some more progress.