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Chris Hegar

For years we have ran 110 in road race with the 99 stock stuff and in the past if you were running open moto with  99 motors the first thing you did was jack up the exhaust like the 01 again all on 110 fuel. All that being said if you lean on the motors with 110 you can detonate any of them especially with more exhaust. It’s such a fine line between being lean and feeling it slow vs tearing up pistons and heads that I doubt many regular people would notice it on track before they were into the wallet.


To me the 110 is a band-aid for the problem, I think the timing should be backed down on the 01 but like you guys have stated before SKUSA is deep in with this issue now so it may be too late.  Timing adjustment until equal and safe or individual 99 and 01 classes.