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Kelly Read

I second Linda’s comments!!!!!!!

I did have conversations with both Ron Anderegg and Greg Gwin who have been a big part for many years of putting this event on along with sprint races at Garnett about future road races at Garnett. I left with the impression after speaking with them that we will have events for 2015 ( no guarantee). Some details need to be worked out with them, people wanting to take it over, city/county officials and with us on dates which will be done over the next couple of weeks.

As for the racers, I know having 1 weekend off between Hastings and this event didn’t help especially those south of Kansas. I wasn’t able to get my own kart done but I did enter both days to support this event and NO I am not a rich man!!!!¬† I understand not everyone can make every race as parts of MT POCKETS missed this event and have missed races over time due to various reasons out of there control.

Scheduling 7-8 races isn’t easy especially with our time frame to schedule events (April – early October). The MAJOR tracks just don’t give us any date we want even for THE MAN. Garnett & Afton have issues also even though they are parks. Between Memorial¬† and labor day weekends this is there busy boating, camping, etc time of when they bring in there major incomes so we are limited on dates during those months also.

Those few of us who do the scheduling try and will always do what we can to get at least 2 weekends off between events and try to schedule events so where people don’t have to travel far back to back but there are times we don’t have a choice. If just the local racers who hadn’t gone to a earlier event would/could show up to the event close to there home, that would make up for those who travel far and not be able to make it.

Anytime any org losses a track and can’t pick another one up, that is less races for the racers. Racing 4-5 times a year isn’t worth the cost in my opinion to do something I myself have done for many years.

So, as I have said on many forums, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!!! When it’s gone, where are you going to hang your road race karts??