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jim lewis

Jimmy what would you say the difference in lap times would be at a track like Button Willow between a 99 and a 01 if all other things were equal. I know you have run a few thousand laps there so I am sure you have the data.

My 01 definitely feels faster than my 99, however, it is hard to say at the track I run at in Orlando because it really does not have a long straight and it has really tight corners + I can never seem to run the same lap twice there. My lap times are fairly close between the two engines, one being a ST99 and the a MRC01.

Also a side not – at SN last year in S4 Fisher had the 2nd fastest lap in the final running a 99. He ran a 45.327 VS the fast lap for the race at 45.311, pretty much a blink of the eye. So

Is the 01 is worth 3 to 4 10ths at a track like Vegas with the long straight similar to BW?